About Our Playgroup

Oulton Abbey Playgroup has been established since 1968, providing childcare to children from the age of 2, and is a charitable part of the Oulton Abby Trust. It has a very family-centred set of values, and parents are encouraged to participate or stay with their children, if they want.  Outside play is a very big part of the playgroup and the extensive grounds replete with play equipment, children’s vegetable garden and safe play space is ideal for the children. 

To keep the children eating healthily at snack time, we would appreciate any donations of fruit or healthy snacks.

We run Lunch club every day. Children should bring a packed lunch.

The playgroup philosophy is probably best described as “Free Range Children”!

We believe that children flourish and develop naturally when they are in the right environment - when they feel secure, have time to explore, and to get to know others. We have enjoyed seeing this for over 40 years and are now welcoming a second generation. 

We believe in opportunities rather than goals and targets and are committed to encouraging play allowing children to discover who they are and to find their own interests and aptitudes.

The playgroup has a very active parents’ group.  As the playgroup is a charitable organisation, there is little time or money to pay for the niceties - that is where the parents’ group comes into play. 

As volunteers we provide support where needed by the playgroup management team, hold events to raise money, manage the website and other advertising. 

We are also a very social group and welcome members old and new and plan to have social events during the year.


Parents’ Group

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